Who the heck am I?

Well, I’m a writer who’s spent most of her life drawing for a living, an artist who always wanted to write. We weren’t allowed to do both in the wicked old world of advertising, so storyboards and illustration it was.

But now, thanks to Mr Apple Mac, I can exercise my creativity and write at the same time. Which means that, amongst other things, I am also designer/editor of a niche magazine (Mountain Rescue if you want to know), who everyone I meet in that particular capacity assumes (wrongly) is a journalist (no, I don’t do shorthand… so please speak a little more slowly).

And then I’m also a magazine editor who designs and writes books, mostly (well in fact entirely, to date) about mountain rescue. As an ex-advertising colleague (a copywriter as it happens) once asked me, with only a faint hint of wither in his voice (after I’d listed the first three books I’d either authored or co-authored), ‘How many books can there possibly BE about mountain rescue?’ Well, one more for me since then at least, Mr Withering – a history of the Ogwen Valley team in North Wales. A book which, in November 2016, won The Great Outdoors Book of the Year award.

On top of all that, I am a yoga teacher too, teaching Hatha, Yin and Restorative yoga alongside Breath-Body-Mind techniques, to help bring balance back to mind, body and spirit. I call it ‘Breathe, Yin, Flow, Restore’ and, as you might imagine, I also write about it quite a lot. Perhaps there’ll be a book in there too some day. Watch this space….

So far then – in no particular order – I’m a writer, artist, Mountain Rescue editor, mountain rescue wife, blogger, knitter, people watcher and yoga teacher. And I suspect that’s quite enough for any blog.

Ogwen book cover